From the time in the early 1500’s that Ponce de León named the state “The place of flowers” (La Florida) people have been discovering the beauty of the great state in each generation.  The Sunshine state is beautiful any day of the week.  You can thaw out from a northern location.  Find beaches to just breathe and let your hair down.  Maybe even try one of the best casinos on the East coast south of Atlantic City. Well then it comes down to that day when both of you are looking over 30 years and the payday pension is sitting in the bank.  Every dog has his day and it looks like you get to breathe easy and walk into retirement with a smile on your face.  You’ve been down to Miami a couple of times.  You even toured through St. Augustine and hung out at Daytona during bike week just to see how the wild side lives.  All those shopping malls and spas spilling down the highway as you rent those sports cars in the sunshine.

So you both sit down across the kitchen table during a January snow storm.  You’re counting down to the magic day.  Maybe you should just go for it.  Go ahead and move down there to Paradise.  You’re not alone.  1000 people a day move down to Florida.  That’s not the only thing.  An estimated full 50% of those people move back to their home state.  Is Florida for you?  Well there are some things to consider.


Well what happens when you compare tax rates for Florida?  The state taxes in Florida are something to consider. The good news is that there is no state income tax, so that saves you some money.  The first thing to consider is that Florida has a 6% sales tax on goods.  That may or may not add up for you.  Oregon has no state sales tax while other states have higher sales tax during the year.  There are some special taxes in the Florida tax structure.  There is the tangible tax.  This tax is applied to anything used in business unless the business activity regards real estate.  A more unique tax is the intangible tax. Enacted in 1931 to raise state revenue, this tax is exacted on paper assets such as mutual funds, CD’s and other long-term financial instruments.  Before relocating please check with a CPA familiar with these unique Florida laws to see how it will impact your nest egg. You need to make sure to perform due diligence, especially if you have different assets you that could be impacted by a change of residency.


What happens when you call around for Florida insurance quotes or better yet, go online to  Florida, with all of its amenities has a few unique insurance situations.  Because it is surrounded by the ocean, flood insurance is a necessity, and especially if you decide to move to one of the coastal resort towns like St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach or Miami.  Past that, the rates for car insurance and homeowner’s insurance tend to be a higher than the national average. The auto insurance industry ends up higher. The state requirements around carrying certain levels of insurance are lower on the liability end.  Insurance companies tend to charge Florida residents more for different factors unique to Florida drivers.  The same goes for homeowner’s insurance, although a person can find a deal wherever they live.  Because 80% of people live in flood prone areas, the insurance industry tends to charge more for those who need to carry coverage for floods.  Florida also get hit with more hurricanes than any other state, which tends to makes insurance companies nervous.


What happens when you get Florida tourism quotes?  That’s where you discover the same thing as Ponce de León.  What draws people to take a trip or two to Florida is the same reason people find it paradise on earth to live year round.  Some people love the access to deep-sea fishing.  Other people are happy to live around the sea-ports and have a convenient jumping off point for a host of cruise line options. Many people, who have struggled with their arthritis or respiratory health in the winter, or in large cities, find the mild weather helpful.  Florida reports lower rates than the national average for terminal problems with heart disease or chronic lung problems.  There are always the theme parks and water parks to visit when the grandchildren want to come and stay.  Florida is also the location to some of the country’s premier golf courses. Likewise there are more than 700 campsites totaling well over 10,000 campsites.  Almost all of these hold facilities for recreational vehicles.

So whether you start calling or go online to get Florida insurance quotes, tax quotes or tourism quotes, you can be rest assured the Sunshine state will be a great host to you whether you decide to relocate or just take another trip.