No Alcoholic beverages

Student possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on campus or off is absolutely forbidden. Consumption/possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will result in immediate dismissal from the institute at the attendee’s expense.

Attendance at all debate activities is mandatory

Attendance will be taken at all lectures and classes. Students are required to be present for all lectures, debates, practice speeches, and lab. A pattern of tardiness and absences can result in dismissal from the institute at the attendee’s expense.

Comply with all regulations required

Students must comply with all regulations required by the UNT Housing department regarding appropriate use of facilities and dormitory housing guidelines and conduct.

These regulations are available at the UNT Housing online resources page and will be available during the workshop.

Compliance with staff

Residents are required to follow all reasonable requests issued by resident counselors or other University officials. Non-compliance may result in termination of status.


Students must be in the dorm by 10:00 p.m., when the outer doors are locked. No food deliveries may be accepted after 10:30 pm. Counselors will make room checks at 11pm, at which time students must stay on their wing. Students are asked to remain in their rooms during the quiet hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Anyone who is absent from room check, violates visitation policy, or who subsequently violates curfew, is subject to removal from the program.


Gambling among minors is not permitted on the campus of the University in accordance with Texas Law.

Keys and locks

Residents are issued a key which permits them access to their assigned room. These are given for personal use and are not transferable. Residents must lock their room, as they are responsible for their personal security and University property. Residents who lose keys or cards must immediately report the loss to the Conferences and Summer Programs office or the Information Desk and be prepared to pay for a lock change. If a resident borrows a spare key from the Information Desk, they must return it within 24 hours or be billed for a lock change. Lost keys incur a fee of $75.

Quiet hours and noise

A resident’s right to sleep and study is a priority. During periods designated as quiet hours, no noise should be audible outside the closed door of a resident’s room. Quiet hours are 12:00 am to 7:00 am. If you bring an audio device, you must bring headphones.

Room Checks

Inspection of one’s room may be conducted by any Workshop or Conference Staff who has reason to believe that some violation of rules and regulations is taking place, or that any student is away without permission. Room check, for the purposes of attendance, will occur at a regular hour each evening. Students must be in their doorways at the time of room check each night.

Room Entry

A resident’s room is considered private and doors should remain locked at all times. Representatives of the University (including University contractors) will enter only after knocking on the door to: perform all maintenance needs or projects; assist in any emergency; re-establish order; recover any University property; prevent destruction of University property; investigate alleged violation of federal, Texas or University policies, rules or regulations; fire alarms.


Smoking at the Mean Green Workshops is prohibited.

Damage/Loss to Property

Students and parents are responsible for all costs associated with damage to university property or fines incurred while on campus, including room damage, library fines, or other costs.

Tolerance of others

Part of living in a community is learning to respect the individual differences present among those who live in that community. Students who believe they are the subjects of harassment on the basis of race, gender, religious belief, national origin, age, ability, political affiliation, or sexual orientation should bring this to the attention of the Director. Judicial action may be brought against those residents who harass others.

Violent behavior

Behavior of a violent nature cannot be tolerated in a community living situation. Residents who commit acts of a violent nature (fighting, physical and verbal threats, and vandalism) can be immediately removed from housing.


Residents are responsible for adherence to the following guidelines: The right of a resident to live in reasonable privacy takes precedence over the right of his or her roommate to entertain a guest in the room; No members of the opposite sex are permitted on the floor at any time; No member of the opposite sex is permitted in the room at any time; The residence halls are not open to visitors except with the written permission of the Director; No overnight guests are permitted at any time. A staff member and student will never be alone in a room together.


Weapons of any kind or instruments used in a dangerous fashion are not permitted.

Leaving Campus

Leaving Campus is prohibited without supervision from a faculty member of the Mean Green Workshop. You cannot leave to visit anyone off campus. If a family member would like to take you off campus for the day, they must sign you out with the Director of the institute. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate removal from the institute and return home at the attendee’s expense.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment, as defined by the guidelines for conduct outlined by UNT Housing Regulations, will not be tolerated.

Inappropriate Romantic Relationships

Regardless of legality, at no point in the institute are romantic relationships between a staff member and student, whether perceived or actual, permitted. Public displays of affection are prohibited among all students. Students are reminded that criminal violations for harassment and illegal relationships will be referred to appropriate authorities.

Tardies/ Absences

Students are allowed 1 unexcused tardy and zero unexcused absences. Upon the second tardy, students will serve work detail for each infraction. Repetitive tardiness or any unexcused absence constitutes grounds for dismissal.

Work Detail

Students who commit minor violations of rules and regulations will serve work detail in the dorm after room check. Work detail consists of collecting trash in the residence hall. All students will receive protective gear to wear if work detail warrants. Repeated issuance of work detail constitutes grounds for dismissal.