Josh Aguilar – Division Director

The Workshop is excited to announce that Josh Aguilar will be joining us this summer as the new Director of the Lincoln-Douglas division.

Josh’s students have reached elimination rounds at several national tournaments including St. Mark’s, Grapevine, Lexington, and Greenhill. His debaters have also reached late rounds at NSDA Nationals and the Tournament of Champions, including the champions of TFA State, UIL State, the Longhorn Classic, and Colleyville.

Joining us for his first year, Josh brings with him a wealth of knowledge from working and directing at many summer workshops including the Championship Debate Group, Texas Debate Collective, and UTNIF.

Eric Melin – Curriculum Director

Mr. Melin coaches debate at Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet in Dallas. He has previously served as Director of Debate at The Hockaday School and Lincoln Douglas Debate Coach at Southlake Carroll and Grapevine High Schools and is excited to return to Mean Green for a 5th year. Mr. Melin’s students have a long history of success. He qualified a record setting 14 LDers to TFA State in a single year. His students have cleared to elimination rounds and championed many national and regional tournaments including, Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Grapevine, Valley, Bronx, Meadows, Apple Valley, Blake, Dowling, Emory, Victory Briefs, Colleyville, Harvard, TFA State, Harvard, and the Tournament of Champions. They are frequently invited to all the best round robins. Mr. Melin is also a co-coach of the 2016 TFA State Champions in Policy debate.

As an LD debater for Grapevine High School, Eric won the Greenhill Fall Classic and the TFA State Tournament, was a semifinalist St. Mark’s Heart of Texas Invitational, and was runner-up at the New York City Invitational (Big Bronx XXVI) and at the Bronx Round Robin. He tied for second in ballots at the MBA Round Robin and competed in out-rounds at Emory University Barkley Forum for High Schools, The Glenbrooks and Isidore Newman tournaments. He also won the inaugural Colleyville Heritage Tournament. Eric was seventh at NFL Nationals as a junior and had a winning record at the Tournament of Champions both his junior and senior years before being eliminated in quarterfinals as a senior. Eric has worked at a number of national-level LD institutes, and he is a highly preferred critic on the national circuit. This will be his first year directing curriculum for Mean Green; he has previously served a similar role for UTNIF.

Tyler Cook

Tyler graduated from Salado High School in 2009, where he debated for four years. Tyler’s debate career was a model of versatility and a lesson in adaptation, having qualified for both UIL and TFA State each three times. He also advanced to elimination rounds at NFL Nationals twice and qualified to the Tournament of Champions as a senior, earning bids at Grapevine, Greenhill, St. Marks, Lexington, and the UT-Austin Longhorn Classic, which he won. In addition, Tyler was recognized with several round robin invitations, including those to Lexington, Victory Briefs, and Emory. Tyler’s competitive accomplishments speak to his ability to be successful in a range of situations, from the most technical to the most persuasion-oriented rounds, demonstrating his dedication to developing the variety of skill sets needed for any judge. With his meticulous preparation and close attention to case rhetoric and strategy, Tyler proved that a debater from the smallest school (Salado is in the 2A division for UIL) can experience the highest level of accomplishment with focus, practice, and openness to the diversity of regions.

Since graduating, Tyler has coached students to qualify for the TOC and reach elimination rounds at several prestigious Texas tournaments, including TFA State, St. Mark’s, the Longhorn Classic, Grapevine, and Churchill. In addition to UTNIF, Tyler has served as the LD Director at the Texas Speech & Debate Camp.