Teenagers are known as being the most expensive drivers to insure. Their likelihood of an accident is higher than many other age groups, resulting in higher rates for the family. However, there are ways you can find cheap insurance for your teenager.

Shop For Discounts

Look for insurance companies that offer discounts to drivers to find out how much you can save. While many of these discounts will be generic such as car safety features, you will find some designed for families with teens. If you purchase a car for your son or daughter, you may qualify for a multi-car discount. If your teen takes a driver’s education course or enrolls in a driver’s safety course, they may get a reduction on their cost of a policy.

Look At Policy Alternatives

It can be less expensive to put your teenager on your policy rather than having them get their own insurance. This one change can result in savings of several hundreds of dollars in a year. If you do choose a separate policy for your teenager, look for ones specifically designed for that age group. The policy may have certain restrictions that reduce the cost such as not driving after night or providing a curfew.

Look At The Car You Buy

The choice of car your let your teenager drive will also affect the policy. Avoid getting them a sports car or even a new car of any kind to lower your rates. You can look at auto insurance quotes when you find a car you are considering. This will let you know the cost of a policy before you purchase a vehicle. Look for vehicles with safety features such as multiple airbags and anti-lock brakes to save money. Older cars are also better for insurance premiums since they are not as easily damaged or as costly to repair.

Choose A High Deductible

A higher deductible will result in lower monthly premiums if you can afford it. You can also work with your teenager to put money in savings to cover the deductible should an accident occur. Look at auto insurance quotes to see the difference in price based on various deductibles.

You can also reduce or eliminate collision or comprehensive insurance on your teenager if they are driving an older car. Carrying only liability insurance rather than what is known as “full coverage” insurance will reduce your premiums. If the car is several years old, it may not be worth paying the extra premium since you wouldn’t get much money back in the event of an accident.

It is very difficult to find cheap car insurance for teenagers, which you will discover when you begin looking at auto insurance quotes. However, there are ways to reduce the cost if you look at your options. At the same time, it is important to let your teen know the importance of establishing a good driving record for future savings.