Students may arrive at any time during the check-in window. Check-in occurs from 10am-3pm in the dorm lobby on the opening date of each scheduled session. We are unable to check anyone in early. Orientation will occur at 5pm on the first day of the workshop; parents are asked to depart prior to orientation.

Arrival will occur at the dorm. The address, for GPS purposes, is below:

UNT Rawlins Hall
1815 Maple St.
Denton, TX 76201



A parent or guardian must sign students out every time they leave campus. Check-out occurs from 7am to 12pm on the last scheduled day of the session (usually a Saturday). Students are asked to depart campus by noon. Students must return dorm keys, library books, and clear all other workshop checkout procedures before leaving. After having their rooms checked by a staff member, students will return keys to the front desk. Lost keys are subject to a charge of $75, and students will be responsible for any damages to their rooms and/or library fines.

Early Departure

Because of the resources required to check out so many students at once, we ask that students refrain from checking out early if at all possible. We request you contact us to inform us of the departure at least 24 hours in advance. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation! Students will compete in a practice tournament and closing sessions at the end of each workshop. This is very valuable to the workshop experience, and students are requested to remain through the normal checkout process.

Checkout During Workshop

Students may check out of institute with a parent or designated adult. We request 24 hours notice for planned departures. Students may be checked out by a parent without prior written notice between 7am and 1pm each Sunday, during which time no camp activities are planned. Parents wishing to check students on Sunday should do so at the camp office in the dorm:

UNT Rawlins Hall
1815 Maple St.
Denton, TX 76201


Travel Information

  • Arriving flights: Please schedule to arrive between 8am and 2pm on the first day of institute!
  • Departing flights: Please schedule to depart between 8am and 2pm on the last day of institute!


During available windows, the institute will meet students and transport them from Love Field, DFW, or Greyhound Denton. Students will be met in baggage claim by a staff member wearing an official institute shirt. Be sure to login to the website to complete the transportation portion of your application form.


A $70 round trip fee is required. You may shuttle one way for $35. Flights should be scheduled into DFW or Love Field (DAL) only. Please feel comfortable emailing your flight arrangements or calling on the day of the flight to confirm your child has arrived safely.

Shuttle Schedule

Arriving flights should be scheduled for the first scheduled date of the workshop session to arrive between 8am and 2pm. Departing flights should be scheduled to depart between 8am and 2pm on the last scheduled date of the workshop session. Exceptions to this policy may require an additional fee.

Unaccompanied Minors

Due to the difficulty of meeting airline personnel at the gate, it is HIGHLY ADVISED that parents NOT send students officially designated by the airline as “unaccompanied minors” if given an option. If unavoidable, please contact MGW by June 1.


We invite students to drive themselves; however, we’ll have to ask for your keys upon arrival, and all students must stay within the designated proximity for students during the entirety of the workshop session.

Special Scheduling

  • Sunday’s schedule has no official workshop activity during the morning hours.
  • July 4 will be considered a typical instructional day. Parents wishing to check students out for this time should submit prior notice to the workshop office as per the above instructions.